Dara Czerwonka, MSW

Dara Czerwonka has been an executive in the health and human service industries for more than twenty years. Her operational health care experience has been in the areas of Medicaid Managed Care and community health. Her human service experience includes many years as chief executive of community based nonprofit organizations, most recently as the Executive Director of Girls Incorporated of San Diego County, an organization that helps girls effectively navigate and excel in a gender-biased world. Seeking to heighten her impact, Dara has served on numerous boards including the National Perinatal Association, the Health and Welfare Council of Long Island, and St. Mary Hospital in Long Beach, CA. During the most recent three years, Dara has served as a publicly elected member of the board of directors for the Palomar Health district. She has served as an officer on that board each year including two terms as board Chair. She earned her undergraduate degree from Providence College and her graduate degree in Social Work from State University of New York at Stony Brook.  She resides in Escondido, CA with her husband and two children.