Palomar Health Introduces the Palomar Behavioral Health Institute

As behavioral health needs in our community evolve, it is important that Palomar Health does as well. We are excited to announce that we will be opening our doors to the new Palomar Behavioral Health Institute in 2024.

In partnership with Kindred Rehabilitation Services (KRS), the three-story, 90,000-square-foot facility will include 120 inpatient beds and provide outpatient services while employing 200 people. It will allow us to provide equitable, person-centered services across the continuum, treating the most vulnerable members of the community with dignity and the appropriate level of care. The new hospital’s highly specialized and compassionate environment will foster healing and reestablish patients’ connections to the community, which is critical for long-term recovery.

Our Behavioral Health hospital will be located a short distance from the Escondido campus and will serve as the first point of evaluation and care, in partnership with our Crisis Stabilization Unit, providing initial emergent evaluations for individuals in the community going through a behavioral health crisis. Patients experiencing mental health emergencies will receive emergent evaluation and intensive stabilization with an immediate assessment to determine the safest treatment plan beyond the initial crisis. We will also collaborate with private practice physicians to provide services to all members of the community seeking care.

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