FAQs | Palomar Health and Mayo Clinic

What is Mayo Clinic Care Network?
The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a collection of hospitals and health care systems that have come together with Mayo Clinic with a purpose of improving care for the patients they collectively serve.  Each hospital and health system member of the network has undergone a rigorous evaluation and on-site review to ensure that performance meets the high quality standards of Mayo Clinic. To ensure ongoing quality, each member undergoes an annual quality review by Mayo Clinic.  

What benefits does Palomar Health have as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network?
Through this network, your health care team of physicians, nurses, and staff at Palomar Health have access to Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise in a number of areas:

1. Physician-to-Physician Consultations

The relationship affords our physician specialists direct access to top Mayo Clinic physician specialists who, upon request, may consult with them about specific patients’ cases, ensuring the latest knowledge about disease treatment.  (Note that this is not available to primary care physicians, which includes Internal Medicine and Family Practice).
The consultation is between the Palomar Health physician and the Mayo Clinic physician. This means that the patient receives the benefit of a Mayo Clinic consultation without traveling to Mayo Clinic.
The Palomar Health physician communicates with the Mayo Clinic physician, sharing relevant patient medical information and treatment plans. The Mayo Clinic physician communicates their consultation directly to the Palomar Health physician after review of the patient’s medical information. 
The Palomar Health physician (not the Mayo Clinic physician) shares the information from the Mayo Clinic physician consultation with his or her patient.
Since the patient does not have a visit with the Mayo Clinic physician, there is no charge to the patient for the Mayo Clinic physician consult. 

Are my medical records safe when my physician sends them to the Mayo Clinic physician specialist? 
Yes. Patient privacy is a priority for Palomar Health, your physician and Mayo Clinic, and we have safeguards in place to protect your health information. Anything shared with Mayo Clinic related to patient care is done so through a secure electronic connection and remains confidential.

2. Participation in clinical projects with Mayo Clinic and other Mayo Clinic Care Network Members across the United States
Our teams of physicians and nurses work in alignment with Mayo Clinic to study improved process and protocols. Through these collaborative efforts we share not only the best practices of Mayo Clinic, but also the best practices of other member hospitals and health systems. This shared discussion can lead to breakthrough innovation to support the highest quality outcomes and for our patients.
3. Access to Mayo Clinic Tumor Boards
Our physicians have access to Mayo Clinic Tumor Boards, both to present cases or to participate in case reviews.
4. Access to training
Palomar Health employees and physicians have access to training and education from a world knowledge leader – Mayo Clinic. The education and training is available through onsite face-to-face venues at Palomar Health and at Mayo Clinic, as well as through webinars and conferences produced and hosted by Mayo Clinic.

5. Real-time answers to real-time questions
Our staff and physicians can arrange to have conversations and information sharing directly with Mayo Clinic experts in their fields, often saving valuable research time for our organization – Mayo Clinic has an extraordinary number of experts across all areas of healthcare.
6. Access to Mayo Clinic knowledge libraries
Our physicians and staff have access to a tool called, AskMayoExpert, an online tool with an extensive data base of protocols, processes and procedures, algorithms, policies and other valuable information in a wide array of areas. The tool is available to all Palomar Health employees and medical staff. 
7. Thought Leadership
As a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Palomar Health participates in roundtable discussions on important national issues for our industry – from payment reform to population health and innovation. As participants, we give feedback and help shape Mayo Clinic’s legislative agenda. Mayo Clinic has a seat in the highest healthcare discussions and our work with them can help shape discussions that benefit our area. 


What does this mean for me as a patient?
As a patient, you have access to the expertise of some of the world’s most highly-trained physicians, both at Palomar Health and at Mayo Clinic, without leaving the area.
You also have access to both of our Medical Centers in Escondido and Poway where teams of highly-trained physicians and nurses are able to access Mayo Clinic best medical practices and protocols and patient education.   

Does Mayo Clinic become the owner of the hospitals and health systems that are members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network?
No.  Members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network are not a legal entity of Mayo Clinic.  They remain independent and locally owned and controlled. The purpose of the network is to connect Palomar Health and our physicians and staff with Mayo Clinic so that they can work together to provide the best possible care when and where patients need it.
Will I see a Mayo Clinic doctor?
Mayo Clinic doctors do not schedule appointments with patients through the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The connection is between Palomar Health physician specialists and the physician specialists at Mayo Clinic. As they work together, you’ll benefit from access to the latest medical expertise close to home.
What does it cost me if my doctor consults with a physician from Mayo Clinic about my care?
There is no cost to you when your physician consults with a Mayo Clinic physician about your care.
Can I request a consult with Mayo Clinic?
If you already have a Palomar Health physician specialist and they participate in the Mayo Clinic Care Network, you may discuss the possibility of a Mayo Clinic consultation with your physician. Your physician will be able to consult Mayo Clinic specialists when they believe it would be helpful or beneficial to your treatment. If you have questions about your care, talk with your physician.
If your current physician specialist is not a member of the Palomar Health medical staff, we can check availability of a Palomar Health physician specialist that participates in the Mayo Clinic Care Network. If we have one, we can help connect you with that physician.
Does this mean I will never need to go to Mayo Clinic?
You may still need to travel for specialty care that is not available in our area.  However, by sharing medical expertise through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, the goal is that you will stay closer to home for your care whenever possible.


About Mayo Clinic: Continuing a tradition of teamwork
The hallmark of Mayo Clinic is teamwork. It’s been that way since the first Mayo Clinic physicians began working together in the late 1800s. For nearly 150 years, Mayo Clinic’s approach to health care has been rooted in the idea that the best patient care is achieved when experts from a variety of medical specialties can work together, focused on the patient.

Now, through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Mayo Clinic is extending that style of collaborative care to more people in more places.

The network allows Mayo Clinic to develop broader and stronger relationships with like-minded organizations. It gives healthcare providers at network sites new tools and resources in specialty areas where Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise may be helpful, so patients are assured of the finest care anywhere.