Bargaining Update - CNA Negotiations


Palomar Health and the California Nurses Association (CNA) met for bargaining on May 31, June 5, and June 8.  Highlights included the following:

Health and SafetyWe continued to discuss language regarding Palomar Health and CNA's shared commitment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Safe Patient HandlingWe discussed language from Palomar Health’s safe patient handling procedure that should be in the contract, for the safety of our employees and patients.

Nursing Practice Duties:  The parties are getting closer to agreeing on language for this new article requested by CNA.  The article relates to registered nurses’ primary job duties.

FloatingPalomar Health and CNA continued to discuss accurate language to ensure that RNs with appropriate competencies are caring for patients at each level of care.

Job Postings, Transfers and PromotionsThe parties exchanged proposals relating to transfer requests, new grad programs, and promotions.

Successors:  Palomar Health and CNA discussed increasing the amount of notice that would be provided to employees in the event Palomar Health contemplates certain operational changes.

ArbitrationIn the event that grievances are not settled, CNA may submit matters to binding arbitration as stated in the contract. Palomar Health presented a list of several well-qualified, experienced, and fair arbitrators for CNA's consideration.

Community Health NeedsWe continued to discuss ways that Palomar Health and CNA can work together to help address our community’s top health needs.

Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN)Palomar Health and CNA reached a tentative agreement so registered nurses can participate in the RNRN disaster response program. 

Compensation: Palomar Health and CNA agreed to discuss compensation using salary data managed by a neutral third party, in addition to Palomar Health’s financial statements. We look forward to receiving more realistic economic proposals, for productive discussions.  

Market Adjustments: Palomar Health and CNA discussed creating a fast path to adjust employee salaries upward if you have fallen behind the market. To be clear, no one is proposing to eliminate the wage grid in the contract. Annual cost of living adjustments are not at risk. Employees’ salaries would remain intact:  assured and locked in by the contract. 

Highest Quality Care – Resources, Tools, and EquipmentIn order to provide the highest quality care and best patient care experience, RNs need the proper resources, tools, and equipment.  Palomar Health and CNA reached a tentative agreement on this important topic.

Palomar Health and CNA meet next on June 20. We remain fully committed to continued bargaining toward a fair and equitable contract that meets our mutual needs.

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