Healthy Developmental Services Helps Families in Need


Each year in Healthy Developmental Services, staff select up to 10 families who are experiencing hardship, have limited resources, and no support system. They create a modest gift package, including toys and clothing for the children and a blanket and gift card for the parents. This year, they upped their altruism and adopted 14 families.
“Our Adopt-a-Family chair this year, Francisco [Castillo], has been amazing in helping our team identify our neediest families to participate in the project,” says Palomar Health Care Coordinator Maria Pascual.
She says staff members have the opportunity to nominate a family they work with and collect a wish list item for each family member. Once the department has the final list, the items get presented to the Healthy Developmental Services team in a “giving tree.” Sometimes staff members team up to do the shopping together and will get creative in personally delivering the toys and gifts to the families’ homes as Santa’s elves. “The smiles and excitement these families share with us in appreciation really warms our hearts and highlights the impact we make in these families’ lives,” Pascual says.
Healthy Developmental Services staff members pick families currently enrolled in their program, explains Palomar Health Developmental Specialist Francisco J. Castillo. He says the department picked 14 families this year because of the partnership with friends at Home Health who are always generous in providing toys and gift cards to the biggest family. “Also, this year one of our speech therapists posted on her social media about this project, and she had a number of friends reaching out to her who provided us with gifts,” says Castillo.
“We want to give shout out to the Home Health department for joining in our efforts, as they have done for the past several years, in adopting a really big family,” says Cindy Linder, RN, BSN, Palomar Health Regional Coordinator.
Castillo says the project grows every year and that they might invite other departments to participate next year.

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