New Equipment Part of Capital Improvement Plan at Palomar Health


Executing a capital improvement plan to enhance patient experience and put the best technology tools in the hands of staff, Palomar Health has started installing a series of equipment upgrades at Palomar Medical Centers (PMC) in Poway and Escondido. 

The upgrades fulfill promises made by executive leadership to reinvest funds created by business improvement process changes over the past several years. The equipment will help staff do their job safer and more efficiently with the promise of improving patient outcomes. The upgrades will continue as part of a multi-year capital improvement plan that will also include upgrades to facilities, most notably the PMC Poway campus.

Here are some of the recent upgrades:

Portable X-Ray Machine
The district purchased two portable x-ray machines to replace older technology. The digital radiography Mobilett Elara Max machines expose patients to half to one-third the radiation for a similar image on the previous machines. The machines will also improve workflow efficiency, as the imaging to processing is instantaneous with no more walking across the hospital to process images. The images are immediately viewable at the bedside by the technologist and ordering physician. The images are wirelessly transmitted to the radiologist for expedient dictation. The machines should reduce patient wait times, supplies and maintenance.

CT Scanner
At a cost of more than $2 million, the Somatom Force CT scanner adds to the existing two CT scanners at PMC Escondido and will assist with the goal to decrease patient wait times. The scanner accommodates free breathing imaging, which allows rapid scans of obese, elderly, unconscious or uncooperative patients without sedation. This machine provides dual source dual energy technology that offers three main advantages over the existing machines: high power, high speed and key patient-focused diagnostic capabilities at exceptionally low radiation doses. These three attributes translate into better image quality to deliver greater clinical accuracy and diagnostic confidence.

Surgical Exam Lights
Four Surgical Exam Lights were purchased for the Labor and Delivery Units at PMC Escondido to replace aging equipment. The new lights will reduce maintenance requirements, improve life expectancy and improve functionality using LED technology.

Infusion Syringe Pumps
The District purchased 13 Infusion Syringe Pumps to replace old equipment. The new syringe pumps align with future plans to automatically incorporate infused medications with the patient’s electronic medical record through the Alaris Interoperability Project.

Infant Incubators
Two new infant incubators were purchased this month for the PMC Poway Labor and Delivery Unit. The new incubators replace older technology and will provide appropriate care for our most vulnerable patients. 

Anesthesia Units
At a cost of almost $400,000, the District purchased six new anesthesia units to complete the replacing of all anesthesia units in the district. The new equipment lowers anesthetic agent usage, improves patient outcomes through the use of data analytics and quality metrics and provides our Perioperative platform high-quality and reliable anesthesia technology. Future upgrades can be easily implemented with minimal costs and hardware changes.

Photo Caption: The Somatom Force CT scanner is one of many equipment purchases Palomar Health has made to upgrade patient experience.

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