Ninety-One-Year-Old Couple Treated for COVID


A 91-year-old couple who immigrated to San Diego from the Philippines in the 1970s were discharged from 6 East on Sunday after receiving successful treatment for COVID-19.

The couple’s son Paul, who lives in San Marcos, said Bill first contracted the coronavirus a couple of weeks ago and was admitted to Palomar Medical Center Escondido. He presumably infected his wife Mona Lisa, before she too was admitted to the hospital less than a week later.

After dropping Mona Lisa off at the Emergency Department (due to visitor restrictions), Paul called and asked if they could be put together. Staff rolled an extra bed into Paul’s room and when the time was right, transferred Mona Lisa upstairs to be next to him in 6 East.

Staff witnessed the couple holding hands and thought it was so cute they asked Paul if they could share the story with Marketing. He was supportive and now you are fortunate to see two patients reassuring each other as they recover from COVID-19.

Both responded favorably to treatment and were discharged to a rehabilitation facility on Sunday.

Caption: Bill and Mona Lisa Tiglao shared a room in 6 East.

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