Palomar Health Uses a Special Birthing Technique


The Birth Centers at Palomar Medical Center Poway and Escondido use an exemplar laboring technique called Spinning Babies®, a method that helps rear-facing babies come into this world with greater ease and lowers caesarean section rates.
Medical professionals using the Spinning Babies approach can provide the following, depending on the particular complications of labor:
  • Flipping breech or transverse babies during pregnancy.
  • Giving mothers extra pregnancy and labor comfort.
  • Conquering a posterior arrest.
  • Helping the mother position her body to engage the baby in early labor or induce to shorten laboring time and avoid a caesarean section.
One of the most positive aspects of Spinning Babies is that this method assists in keeping caesarean section rates low, as data shows overuse of such a surgery can result in higher complications for both mother and child, such as infections, blood clots, respiratory complications and lower breastfeeding rates. (Palomar Medical Center Poway and Escondido consistently achieve top designations for low cesarean sections.)
In addition, Spinning Babies allows the mother to take an active role in pregnancy. They can perform the recommended stretches and body balancing activities during pregnancy and in both early and active labor.
Sarah Kennedy, BSN, RNC, night shift supervisor of Palomar Medical Center Poway’s Birth Center and NICU, says Spinning Babies helps women feel empowered in their own laboring experience, as they take part of their care into their own hands.
Kennedy also has a personal connection to this childbirth approach. “My sister ‘got stuck’ at five centimeters for a few hours with her second baby and was starting to get more interventions,” she says. Her sister conducted a few stretches and positions from Spinning Babies with her nurse and went to complete in 30 minutes. “She then proceeded to deliver a nine-pound, nine-ounce baby over an intact perineum while only pushing for 20 minutes.”
Another Spinning Babies success story is of a Palomar Health patient whose baby’s head wasn’t in line with the birth canal. “The nurses put her into a position called flying cowgirl on each side,” says Kennedy. The mother was then ready to deliver; she only needed to push a couple of times for her first baby.
“We are very lucky because our OB doctors here at Palomar Medical Center Poway have been extremely supportive of incorporating the Spinning Babies techniques into our practice as a birth team,” says Kennedy.

For more information about labor and delivery at Palomar Health, please visit the Palomar Medical Center Poway and Escondido Birth Center websites.

Photo: Instructor Natalie Morales teaches the Spinning Babies birthing approach to nurses throughout San Diego County. 

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