Palomar Medical Center Named Top Technologically Advanced Hospital In The World


San Diego, Calif. – Palomar Medical Center continues to earn recognition for the San Diego area as the hospital of the future. The $1 billion dollar, cutting-edge facility has just been named one of the top technologically advanced hospitals in the world by Top Master’s In Healthcare.

Top Master’s released the list, ranking Palomar Medical Center fifth in the “30 Most Technologically Advanced Hospitals in the World.”  Palomar Medical Center outranked other renowned health care facilities on the list, such as the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Stanford Hospital and Clinics and the Cleveland Clinic. Rankings are based on the hospital’s use of advanced and exclusive futuristic equipment.

Palomar Medical Center opened its doors to the community in 2012 and was built to be advanced and flexible in order to meet prospective technological changes. The hospital is already a pioneer in the health care field and continues to adapt quickly to new technologies.

The use of exclusive futuristic equipment was evident when Palomar Medical Center became the first hospital in the world to use a wireless wrist band called ViSi Mobile®. This device is capable of transmitting vital signs from the patient into the hospital system. The integration of this new technology allows for immediate recording of patient data and provides a non-invasive method of vital sign monitoring and removes manual documentation.

Allowing physicians to provide the best care possible through technology is a priority at Palomar Medical Center. By doing so, the Extension Engage™ Mobile App was created to directly provide physicians with important patient information in the palm of their hands. This app enables quick and easy communication between physicians and nurses.

To showcase Palomar Medical Center’s dedication to a clean and healthy environment, patient and operating rooms are armed with a germ-zapping robot. Xenex® is a high-tech and effective device that uses high intensity xenon light to attack the DNA of pathogens to prevent them from replicating. In less than 10 minutes, all surfaces in the room will be sterilized. Palomar Medical Center was one of the first hospitals in the country to pioneer this convenient and efficient method of disinfection that has been proven more effective than traditional procedures alone.

Palomar Health continues to evolve, becoming the first and only California member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, leading to even more advanced patient care.

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