Palomar Medical Centers Escondido and Poway Now Offering Patient Virtual Visits


With visitor restrictions in effect, Palomar Health is now offering patients virtual visits with their loved ones using iPads provided by Palomar Health.

To initiate a virtual visit, the patient (or loved one by calling the patient’s room) must ask their bedside nurse to set up the virtual visit. There may be a delay as there are a limited number of iPads available.

The patient’s charge nurse maintains the iPads and instructions for use. The iPads are Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with Apple FaceTime and Google Duo. The call must be initiated from the patient’s room on the iPad as an outgoing call; the loved one can only receive the call. Loved ones must have an internet-connected device with either FaceTime or Google Duo installed to accept the call. This can be a phone, tablet or computer.

The patient’s nurse or aide will establish the call for the patient using the loved one’s provided contact information. Once the call is established the patient will be able to see and hear their loved one and vice versa. Once the call is over, the nurse will make the device available for another patient. Virtual calls are also available using the hospital’s Wi-Fi guest network if the patient has their own device.

If you have any questions, please ask to speak with the charge nurse in the unit where the patient is staying.

Photo caption: Palomar Health purchased and implemented a virtual visiting program using iPads to connect patients and loved ones separated because of COVID-19 visitor restrictions.

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