Patient Praises Care Received at Palomar Medical Center Escondido


San Marcos resident Andrew Kincaid came home early from his job at a utility company experiencing flu-like symptoms and trouble breathing and went right to bed. As the symptoms worsened, he later asked his wife to drive him to the Palomar Medical Center Emergency Department.

“I never felt so much discomfort in my life,” Kincaid said.

He admitted entering the Emergency Department with a high level of fear, suspecting he had COVID-19. The fear had built from watching the news he said.

“I was scared of the unknown, what was going to happen.”

But soon all that changed.

“It was just a warm feeling to come in this hospital. From the moment I walked in, I had nothing but a pleasurable experience.”

He was immediately masked and isolated from the rest of the patients and soon was getting a nasal swab, chest x-rays, and blood and urine tests. Because of the risk of transmission, Kincaid’s wife never entered the building leaving him alone, but he said the staff did a great job of calming his nerves.

“They are so compassionate,” Kincaid said, adding some of the staff picked up on his preference for humor and began making jokes with him. “They made it so comfortable that I didn’t think of it (his situation). I actually lost my fear.”

He was transferred to a COVID isolation room on the fifth floor where he was cared for by nurses Davin Tyler, Casey Leso and Torrey Erickson. He said they put their whole heart into taking care of him. He spent the night in the hospital and discovered the next morning that he didn’t have COVID-19 but instead had a urinary tract infection. He was transferred to ICU and was released later that day with medications.

Before leaving the hospital he said he wanted to share his experience. He said he has been to other hospitals but never wants to go anywhere else from now on. He told the charge nurse, Stacey Stasiak, the way staff treated him was a direct reflection on her management and leadership skills. He praised the entire hospital operation, from management to everyone he interacted with, saying, “It’s been a pleasure being here even though it was under the wrong circumstances.”

Photo caption: San Marcos resident Andrew Kincaid came to the Emergency Department with what he thought was a COVID-19 infection. 

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