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Jammin' Jimmy
It’s not hip to live in pain—how Jammin’ Jimmy got his life back

Jim Millet (known by his friends as Jammin’ Jimmy) came to Palomar Health as a very active middle-aged man with “horrible arthritis,” according to Orthopedic Surgeon K.C. Owsley. He had bone-on-bone arthritis in the hip that squared off the joint.

“It felt like something was sticking or poking in there all day long every time I would walk,” Jammin’ Jimmy said. “I said there’s got to be something better than this.”

He met with Dr. Owsley for a consultation.

“There was a sense of excitement,” Dr. Owsley said about meeting with Jammin’ Jimmy. “This was someone I could help.”

Jammin’ Jimmy scheduled his total hip replacement at Palomar Medical Center Poway. Palomar Health hospitals perform more than a quarter of all joint replacements in San Diego County, and Palomar Medical Center Poway and Palomar Medical Center Escondido have both earned Orthopedic Center of Excellence accreditations for the highest quality and safety performance. 

Before the day of surgery, Jammin’ Jimmy attended a total joint replacement education class to understand what comes after surgery, what equipment to get and how to prepare his house for his safe return.  

“Some patients leave (the class) saying, ‘I didn’t even know I had some of the questions you answered,’” said Dawn Lopez, Orthopedic Clinical Coordinator at Palomar Health.

Dr. Owsley said Jammin Jimmy’s hip was 10 years past due for surgery. It wasn’t just a wearing out of the ball and socket; he had a completely deformed joint on both sides. Loose particles the size of rocks were floating around his joint.

Five hours after surgery, Physical Therapist Bob Fleming had Jammin’ Jimmy up and walking around, part of Palomar Health’s care pathway program that has resulted in the lowest complication rates, shortest length of stay and highest patient satisfaction rates for pain control after surgery of any health system in San Diego County.

Within a few weeks after surgery, Jammin’ Jimmy was back in the gym lifting weights and riding a stationary bike.

“It feels good to feel good. Honest to goodness, I feel great,” Jammin’ Jimmy said a month after surgery. “I’ll be back to playing volleyball, running around with the grandkids, hiking, climbing…what I’ve been behind on for the last three years.”

To learn more about Palomar Health’s orthopedic program, visit our website.