The Future of Robotic Surgery

Palomar Health has been performing robotic surgery since 2007, longer than any other medical facility in the community. As one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, it comes as no surprise that more San Diegans choose Palomar Medical Center Escondido for robotic surgery. We're the first hospital in the County to acquire and use the new de Vinci Xi Surgical System. This latest generation robot system has 3D-visualization and an increased range of motion, giving patients and surgeons more surgical capabilities and enhanced performance. 

The da Vinci Xi gives the surgeon enhanced visualization and increased manual dexterity for greater precision. It translates a surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements in real-time by using robotic arms to control tiny surgical instruments and cameras inserted through small incisions in the patient’s body. da Vinci heightens the surgical view with 3-D vision that is magnified 10 times. This enables surgeons to perform a wide-range of complex procedures with precision and flexibility, in very small areas that are difficult to access.

The da Vinci system has diverse surgical applications. At Palomar Medical Center Escondido, the system is currently being used in general surgery and for a variety of procedures in the areas of:

Watch this presentation by Neurosurgeon Dr. Andrew Nguyen as he discusses how robotic surgery can lead to faster recovery from back pain: 


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