Palomar Health Sleep Center Services

Diagnostic studies performed at our specialized sleep lab can help to evaluate your sleep problem and get you the rest you need.

Typically, a sleep study is performed with an overnight evaluation. While you are sleeping in a private room, we use our diagnostic sleep study to monitor your sleep habits. 

Our noninvasive equipment assesses oxygen levels (pulse oximetry), breathing, brain waves (EEG), heart rhythm (EKG), limb movement, eye movement, body positioning and snoring. We can then determine the stages of sleep, the quality of sleep and the causes for disturbances and/or awakenings that you might experience.

Results from the sleep study help your physician to accurately diagnose your sleep disorder and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Our services include:
• Sleep history questionnaire and clinical interview
• Use of sleep diary
• Comprehensive sleep study
• Polysomnography
• Split-night study
• CPAP titration

The Palomar Health Sleep Center assesses sleep problems under prescription from a physician. If you feel that you have a problem with your ability to sleep, please talk with your physician. He/She can then provide you with a referral to our lab.  



For more information or to receive a referral to the Palomar Health Sleep Center, call (442) 281-3368