Novalis Tx Radiosurgery at Palomar Medical Center Escondido

The Novalis Tx™ platform for image-guided radiosurgery offers North San Diego County and South Riverside County patients fast, accurate nonsurgical radiosurgery treatments for cancer and other conditions in the brain, head, neck, and body. Novalis Tx incorporates advanced imaging, treatment planning, and treatment delivery technologies from Varian Medical Systems and BrainLAB, enabling Palomar Medical Center Escondido’s radiation oncology and radiosurgery team to carry out highly precise, non-invasive image-guided radiosurgery procedures quickly and with great precision.

Image-guided radiosurgery (IGRS) involves quickly delivering precisely focused, high-energy radiation to a localized area to destroy tumors or to make other medical repairs that often cannot be addressed by conventional surgery, including some malignant and benign lesions, brain metastases, arteriovenous malformations, and functional lesions.

Novalis Tx combines a powerful linear accelerator, which rotates around the patient to deliver treatment beams from virtually any angle with a set of advanced image guidance and motion management tools that guide patient set up, positioning, and monitor motion during treatment.

A high-definition multi-leaf collimator shapes the treatment beam so it matches the shape of the tumor from every angle. Novalis Tx can be used to deliver frameless radiosurgery treatments, a more patient-friendly alternative to other systems that require immobilization with a head ring that attaches to the skull.

The versatility of the Novalis Tx platform will make it possible for doctors to offer the most
appropriate form of treatment based on patients’ specific needs, from stereotactic radiosurgery—a very fast treatment designed to eradicate a tiny lesion in a single session—to longer courses of image-guided radiotherapy, with lower-dose treatments spread out over more sessions.

What are the benefits of treatment with Novalis Tx at Palomar Medical Center Escondido?

Radiosurgery Treatment with Novalis Tx has several advantages and reasons why you should choose this treatment, including:

  • Extremely precise, minimizing radiation damage to normal tissue
  • Ensures that the tumor or lesion receives even distribution of the prescribed radiation dose by shaping the beam to accurately match the outline of the tumor or lesion
  • Optimized to deliver radiosurgery in the shortest possible time, averaging 15 minutes preventing errors due to minor movements during long treatments
  • One of the most advanced technologies for radiation treatment available today
  • Painless – treatment is usually performed on an out-patient basis



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