Allied Health Students

Palomar Health proudly partners with local universities to provide clinical externship opportunities for Allied Health students to complete required program hours to prepare them for their careers in healthcare.
Student Placement Update: We are planning for fall 2021 placements now!
For questions, contact You can expect a reply within 2 business days.

Allied Health Student Placement Process

This section is intended for student placement coordinators.
If you are a student, contact your student placement coordinator on campus to request the externship placement for you. If you’ve been approved for a placement at Palomar Health, click here for your onboarding/clearance requirements.

Step 1: Valid Educational Affiliation Agreement (EAA) with Palomar Health

Contact to verify your school has a valid EAA or to request a renewal.
If your school does not have an EAA established with Palomar Health email to request to establish an agreement.

Step 2: Coordinate Student Placements with Palomar Health Preceptor

All Allied Health student placements must be coordinated and tentatively approved by a Palomar Health preceptor (Palomar Health Employee).
Determine the following information with your Palomar Health Preceptor:
  • Number of Students
  • Externship start and end dates
  • Whether the externship will be on-site or remote
Once you have come to a tentative agreement with your Palomar Health Preceptor, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Make a Formal Request

A. On-site Students
  • All on-site student placements must submit a formal request through the San Diego Nursing & Allied Health Service – Education Consortium (The Consortium). Once a request is approved by Palomar Health in The Consortium the student may begin their onboarding
  • We are working with The Consortium for schools to submit placement request for fall 2021; please check back over the summer for updated information
B. Remote Students
  • If the student will never enter a Palomar Health facility, you do not need to submit a request through The Consortium; check back soon for updated request forms for approved remote experiences

Step 4: Student Onboarding

A. On-site Students
  • Once the request is approved in The Consortium, instruct your student(s) to begin the onboarding/clearance process
B. Remote Students
Step 5: Clearance Email
When all onboarding requirements are complete and reviewed, we will send an official clearance email from to the student, the Palomar Health Employee, and you to notify you when the student can begin their externship.

Onboarding/Clearance Process

Palomar Health will be using Complio to manage and track all onboarding/clearance requirements. Complio is an online compliance management system. Check back soon for updated information.