Introducing VGo

Palomar Medical Center Escondido Critical Care and Villa Pomerado Convalescent Care Center have been given an exciting opportunity to pilot VGo, the latest innovation in Palomar Health’s commitment to providing the best possible patient care. Palomar Health is one of the only healthcare systems on the west coast to utilize this technology (Villa Pomerado is currently the only nursing facility on the West Coast using the technology). VGo is a cross between video-conferencing and a robot, and stands four feet tall.VGo is the latest innovation in Palomar Health’s commitment to providing the best possible patient care

One of the many uses of VGo will be to increase communication between family members and patients, especially those families that cannot be physically present during the patient’s stay at either facility. Family members can connect to VGo from their home computer (just like traditional video-chat programs). Communication can be one-on-one in the patient’s room, will allow families to be present during care conferences with the clinical staff, and even accompany the patient on walks down the hallway or to share a meal with their loved one—all without the limitations of traditional video-conferencing. 

Another exciting aspect of VGo is the ability of a doctor or nurse to check in with a patient, even if they are traveling or otherwise unable to be onsite. They could view patient progress, monitor a therapy session, or give advisement on a potential problem, without the limitations of non-visual communication. When you see VGo wandering the hallway, you can know you are part of the launch of groundbreaking technology!

As you can see, we’re very excited to welcome the VGo to the team and create a successful program for patients and families to use. If you have any questions, or are interested in utilizing the VGo, please contact the people listed below and we will be glad to help you take advantage of this unique opportunity.

VGo Contacts:

  • For residents at Villa Pomerado, please contact the Activities Director at (858) 613-4366 or email
  • For Critical Care Unit patients at Palomar Medical Center Escondido, please contact the nurse responsible for the care of your patient to inquire about this service
  • For questions, troubleshooting, or suggestions, please contact the VGo Project Manager at (760)740-6361 or email