• With kindness, greet everyone we meet—patients, visitors, volunteers, physicians, staff, vendors, etc.
  • Display deep listening skills, able to paraphrase back. Chaplains align with others’ beliefs and attitudes. We keep the focus on the other person, not needing to discuss our own beliefs, not “fixing” their emotional pain, not giving advice, and not going to the same tool such as prayer every visit. We support them in exploring their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual concerns.
  • Able to connect in a broad spiritual way that affirms the other’s humanity, not relating only in a religious way. Able to spot positive qualities and admire others openly.
  • Helping others in ways that gives them a positive feeling about themselves and Palomar Health. This includes assisting a patient with their tray items, getting them a blanket, escorting someone in the hall who’s lost, stopping to inquire when anyone in a hallway appears distressed, etc.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills about practices and patient situations with peers in office, staff chaplain and supervisor, and patients’ nurses.
  • Answer phone in office, transmit messages.
  • Use cell phone with texting during shift.
  • Use email address for after-shift communications.
  • Be able to sit, stand and walk for extended periods of time.
  • Possess the maturity, responsibility and interpersonal skills to interact cordially with patients, staff, volunteers and other customers.
  • Write data between patient visits to document specifics.
  • Basic computer skills and able to type patient results into Word.
  • Must be flexible, have stamina, and possess problem-solving skills.
  • Maintain patient confidentially at all times using methods provided.
  • Be able to receive feedback, maintaining a positive learning attitude with ability to follow instruction since practice can change often, as dictated by needs of patients, regulatory agencies, and patient safety requirements.
  • Maintain all position and annual requirements and follow all Palomar Health procedures.
  • Be able to handle stressful situations, maintaining a calming ministry of presence at all times.
  • Palomar Medical Center Escondido
  • Palomar Medical Center Poway
  • The Villas at Poway

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