Forensic Health and SART

  • Support the Palomar Health Forensic and SART, Trauma Recovery staff.
  • Escort community members throughout the building as needed.
  • Assemble Coping Bags.
  • Office support such as filing, stapling, copying, inventory (supplies, games, coping bags).
  • Help staff set up for group activities such as art therapy.
  • Monitor and assist staff in the children's waiting and play area.
  • Assist with monitoring of the food supplies in the Food Expiration Book.
  • Give Tours as needed.
  • Clean and organize the Office Coffee Bar.
  • Available for events such as:
    - Place pinwheels in designated areas (annual event).
    - Assist staff for preparation of community events on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
    - Assist with preparations for Camp Hope summer camp.
  • Must have 100 hours of prior Palomar Health Volunteer experience.
  • Be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time..
  • Be able to follow cleaning/sanitizing procedures.
  • Volunteers must possess the maturity, responsibility and interpersonal skills to interact cordially with patients, staff, volunteers and other customers.
  • Volunteers must maintain patient confidentiality at all times..
  • Must be cleared by the District Attorney's office.

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