Teach Your Kids Tolerance
Health Tip: Teach Your Kids Tolerance

Health Tip: Teach Your Kids Tolerance

(HealthDay News) -- As the world becomes more diverse, parents should teach their children how to be open and respect the differences between people, the Nemours Foundation says.

It offers these suggestions:

  • Demonstrate your own respect for others.

  • Kids are always listening, so be conscious of the way you talk about people who are different from you.

  • Talk about unfair stereotypes that may be portrayed in media.

  • Respond to your kids' questions about differences honestly and respectfully.

  • Respect differences within your own family. Demonstrate acceptance of your children's differing abilities, interests and styles. Value the uniqueness of each family member.

  • Tolerance does not mean allowing unacceptable behavior. It means that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and should treat others similarly.

  • Build your child's self-esteem by making the child feel accepted, respected and valued. Children who feel badly about themselves may treat others badly.

  • Learn together about celebrations that are not part of your own tradition.