Our Team

The Developmental Services program is proud to be Awarded "Best Nursing Team" 2006, by ADVANCE Nurses Magazine.

Cynthia Linder, R.N.

Regional Coordinator Healthy Development Services
Cynthia Linder, Welcome Home Baby

Cindy has more than seventeen years of experience in an acute hospital setting, and since 2002, has worked for Palomar Health’s Welcome Home Baby Program. As the regional coordinator, she puts her wide and varied skills to use everyday, managing multiple priorities and complex assignments. She is responsible for training and supervising clinical staff in management of patient care, she responds to community calls for department information, and she assesses and recommends assistance for infants at home.

Prior to her current role, Cindy served as Clinical Instructor for the Welcome Home Baby Program where she trained and supervised staff, assessed patient admission for patient care, assigned staff to cases, served as clinical resource person and ensured clinical care in compliance with Medical, HMO, and PPO rules and regulations. Her experience includes work as a home care registered nurse and a pediatric staff nurse on medical surgical and child adolescent units.

Cindy received her associate degree in nursing in 1984. She has authored an article in Home Health Care Nurse Magazine and her performance improvement JAHCO project was granted to the Joint Commission for permission to publish.

W. Shirin Strauss-Miller, M.A., ICCE, IBCLC

Shirin Strauss has over 30 years experience working in individual, family, and community health as Program Director, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator-Counselor, Labor Support Companion, Perinatal Exercise Instructor, Health Educator, Grant Writer, Evaluator, Policy and Legislative Advocate, Publisher, and Event Coordinator in culturally and geographically diverse non-profit and for-profit settings including hospitals, clinics, community centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, universities, government, public and private programs, and philanthropic and grant-making agencies.

At Welcome Home Baby, Shirin is a manager contributing to the strategic planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Women’s Health Programs, Palomar Health Outpatient Lactation Services, and First Five funded services and programs. She implements evidence-based strategies related to prevention, treatment, perinatal education, case management, and outreach and community development.

Previous positions include: Overseeing grant-funded programs in Southern California for the Office of the Governor; directing perinatal health programs for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services; strategic planning and program development for First Five Los Angeles; and directing First Five funded programs in the Central and East Regions of San Diego County.

Shirin has a personal and professional commitment to healthcare. She is dedicated to increasing quality of life and the healthy development and well-being of women, children, and families.


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