Individualized Knee Replacement Therapy Plans

At Palomar Health, our team understands that exercise and movement are important parts of the healing process. After knee replacement surgery, our patients have daily physical therapy (PT) sessions to speed recovery and improve range of motion.

What to Expect After Knee Surgery

As a patient at San Diego's Palomar Health's Orthopedic and Spine Center, your care team will develop a care plan that incorporates our physical therapy goals and milestones, including: 

First Day of Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Move from lying to sitting on the edge of the bed with 50% help
  • Move out of bed to standing with 50% help
  • Walk 50 feet with 50% help
  • Sit up in a chair
  • Receive 8 hours of CPM use, if ordered

Physical Therapy on Day of Going Home from Hospital

  • Move from bed to standing without help
  • Walk 150 to 300 feet without help
  • Bend your knee 90 degrees
  • Climb stairs without help
  • Eat all your meals in a chair
  • Receive 8 hours of CPM use, if ordered

Planning to Go Home

Your Orthopedic Care Team will make a plan for outpatient or home health physical therapy, if needed. If you need more nursing and rehabilitation/physical therapy, you can be moved to a health-care facility that will provide those services.