Community Outreach 

In 2013, Palomar Health planned and implemented 182 health-education classes covering a wide variety of topics from joint replacement to heart health. More than 10,660 community residents registered and attended the scheduled classes, most of which are led by area affiliated physicians.

Another community outreach effort includes the regular offering of free blood pressure, body composition and blood glucose screenings held in the lobby areas of Palomar Health facilities. During fiscal year 2013, a combined total of 2,611 of these free screenings were provided to area residents.

Palomar Health also organizes a highly successful community influenza vaccination program each year. During the 2013 flu season, 104 clinics were held at various locations throughout the Palomar Health district including churches, senior centers, mobile housing parks, community centers, street fairs, libraries and our own hospital locations. The result of that effort was the administration of 3,278 vaccinations to persons 18 years and older for an affordable, competitive price.  

Community Action Councils

True to our healthcare district community mission, Palomar Health is committed to hearing and responding to the voices of the communities we serve. As one example of that, the Palomar Health Community Action Councils (CACs) purpose is to identify, address and advocate for the health care needs of our communities. Through collaboration and partnership, the CAC’s purpose is to
  • improve the health of Palomar Health communities,
  • create, implement and evaluate programs that promote health,
  • advocate for policies that promote healthy environments and wellness,
  • build relationships with key community leaders, and to
  • educate residents about health-related community resources.
Council members include leaders from more than 75 agencies including city governments, social services, law enforcement, health agencies, schools, community clinics, senior centers, faith communities, businesses, and local citizens. The Council’s special committees develop many programs that focus on major health issues identified in the San Diego County Health Needs Assessment Report. These include: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention, Obesity and Diabetes Prevention, and Access to Health Care. These special programs benefit children and families living throughout the Palomar Health region to provide awareness and resources that promote healthy living choices.

In support of our district’s commitment to meeting the needs of our community owners, Palomar participates in the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial County (HASDIC) Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The work of the CAC has been based on the results of the Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) CHNA report.

Our newest outreach initiative is the establishment of a monthly Ask-a-Nurse program primarily held at various libraries throughout North County San Diego. Palomar Health’s community health nurse plans and staffs these events which also feature a free blood pressure screening. 

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