COVID-19 Vaccination Myths and Facts

There is a lot of misinformation being shared about the COVID-19 vaccination. Please review the information below collected by the Mayo Clinic for clarification to some of the most popular myths.

MYTH: I had the COVID-19. I don’t need the vaccine.
FACT: Early evidence suggests natural immunity may not last long, getting the vaccine is recommended.

MYTH: COVID-19 vaccine will alter my DNA.
FACT: The first vaccines use messenger RNA to trigger an immune response—they will not do anything to the DNA of your cells.

MYTH: I shouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine because I’m allergic to eggs.
FACT: There is no egg in either of the COVID-19 vaccines.

MYTH: COVID-19 vaccines must be stored at extremely low temperatures because of the preservatives in the vaccines.
FACT: The approved vaccines contain no preservatives. They are stored at low temperatures to keep them stable and safe.

MYTH: I don’t need to wear a mask after I get a COVID-19 vaccine.
FACT: After being vaccinated, it is unknown whether you can still transmit the virus. Continued mask usage is recommended.

MYTH: COVID-19 vaccines can cause miscarriage or infertility.
FACT: COVID-19 vaccines have not been linked to miscarriage or infertility.

MYTH: COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips developed to control people.
FACT: There is no vaccine microchip. The vaccine cannot track people or gather information.

This information is published courtesy of the County of San Diego, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Mayo Clinic. Palomar Health is part of The Mayo Clinic Care Network, a collection of hospitals and health care systems that have come together with Mayo Clinic with a purpose of improving care for the patients they collectively serve. LEARN MORE

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