What to Expect

Learn what to expect before, during and after bariatric surgery at Palomar Health in North San Diego County. Count on us to stay by your side to answer your questions, provide support and help you reach your goals.

Steps to Bariatric Surgery

Review the steps you’ll take as you explore and prepare for weight-loss surgery at Palomar Health. Invite loved ones to join you throughout your journey. When they attend presurgery appointments with you, they’ll learn how to best support you.

Attend a Free Bariatric Seminar

Start your journey by attending a free bariatric surgery class at Palomar Health. During this 90-minute seminar, you’ll meet members of our bariatric surgery team and learn about:
  • What causes obesity
  • Why bariatric surgery is more effective for long-term weight loss than diets alone
  • Types of bariatric surgery, the results you can expect to achieve and possible complications

Choose a Weight-Loss Surgeon

Three experienced bariatric surgeons perform weight-loss procedures at Palomar Health. Choose the doctor who’s the best fit for you. Enjoy the convenience of seeing a doctor whose office is near you in Escondido, San Diego or Vista.

Prepare for Surgery

Count on us to help you get ready for surgery. Depending on your health, the doctor you choose, and your insurance requirements, your path to surgery may include:
  • Behavior changes, such as quitting smoking or modifying your diet
  • Consultations with a dietitian and mental health professional
  • Education about what to expect after surgery
  • Preoperative tests, such as blood tests
  • Treatment for preexisting medical conditions
  • Weight loss

Make a Preoperative Appointment

Before surgery, attend a one-hour preoperative appointment at Palomar Health. There, a friendly, knowledgeable nurse will:
  • Review your medical history
  • Explain what to expect on the day of your surgery
  • Tell you how to reduce your risk of infection by washing with a special soap at home
  • Tell you what to eat and drink the day before surgery
  • Answer your questions

Your Surgery & Recovery

On the day of your surgery, arrive at Palomar Health Medical Center Poway at the time given to you by your care team. 
After your surgery, you’ll spend a few hours in the recovery area. Then, you’ll be moved to a private room for the rest of your stay. Expect to remain in the hospital one or two nights. Count on us to:
  • Help you follow your doctor’s nutrition plan
  • Help you take short, gentle walks to prevent blood clots
  • Tell you how to care for yourself after returning home

Life After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a tool to help you shed excess weight and improve your health. To get the best results, follow your doctor’s instructions for nutrition, physical activity and long-term follow-up care.
Rely on Palomar Health to help you live well after bariatric surgery. We’ll check in with you regularly to see how you’re doing and how we can support you.
Read 10 tips to thrive after weight-loss surgery.

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