Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the appropriate dress code for Orientation?

A: Your goal is to present a business like, professional appearance and allow patients or visitors to easily distinguish an employee from another patient or visitor.

Q: How can I find out my work schedule?

A: Your manager will provide your work schedule. We recommend contacting your manager prior to your New Employee Orientation date to work out your schedule.

Q: What do I do for lunch during New Employee Orientation?

A: Lunch will be provided to you at NEO.

Q: How do I know what to claim on my taxes?

A: If you are having trouble figuring out what to claim, we recommend you consult a tax professional. You may adjust/update both your state and federal tax forms throughout the year.

Q: Can I change my Direct Deposit?

A: Direct Deposit can be added, changed or canceled at any time.

Q: Where can I find Benefits information for Palomar Health?

A: Benefits information can be found under the Benefits tab. If you have further questions regarding your Benefits, please contact the Benefits department at (760) 740-6336.

Q: Do I get paid for attending Orientations?

A: Yes, you do get paid for attending all of the Orientations. You will be given a time and edit sheet at NEO to complete and submit to your hiring manager. During NEO, you will be shown how to clock in and out for your shifts including the remaining Orientations.