Classes & Events

Virtual Wellness Classes | October 2020
Now more than ever it’s important to make your health a priority. Join Palomar Health medical experts for a virtual class on many popular health topics.
Fad Diets: Good or Bad?
Wednesday, October 7 | 10 am or 6 pm
Fad diets are popping up more and more, but are they good for you? Palomar Health Registered Dietitian Janice Baker will host a virtual education session about the good and bad of fad diets. If you want to know more about intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, no carb, and others, you won’t want to miss this class! Plus, feel free to ask you own questions about a specific diet you’re curious about during the class.

The ABCs of Diabetes & Nutrition
Thursday, October 8 | 10 am or 6 pm
Join this live virtual class led by Certified Diabetes Educator Janice Baker, RD to learn practical advice and specific food recommendations to cope with a possible or existing diabetes diagnosis. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation for a more personal experience.

Diabetes Support Group
Tuesday, October 13 | 10 am
Thursday October 15 | 6 pm
If you or someone you love is living with diabetes, having a good support group is one of the most important keys to success. We’re looking for 15 people to join our virtual support group led by Certified Diabetes Educator Janice Baker, RD. Participants will be encouraged to share experiences and ask questions for the enrichment of the group. After the group has been formed, they will continue to meet regularly. 

Back Pain Relief through Robotic Spine Surgery
Monday, November 2 | 5 pm
Learn how robotic-assisted surgery can relieve your back pain with less time and faster recovery from Orthopedic Surgeon Paul Kim, MD. Palomar Health is proud to be the one of the only health systems offering this advanced treatment option in San Diego.

Cognition and Hearing Loss
Thursday, November 5 | 10 am
Palomar Health’s Chief Audiologist, Dr. David Illich, will host a live, virtual class on the topic of cognition and how hearing loss affects your ability to communicate, process information and ultimately maintain your mind’s acuity.

FEE: Free – registration required. 

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