Autonomic Neuropathy 


Area Affected Problem Effects
Heart No pain with a heart attack
No increase in the heart rate with activity
"Silent heart attack"
Tired and out of breath with activity
Blood Pressure Unable to adjust when you go from lying down to standing Dizziness, Feeling Faint, Passing Out
Bladder Unable to empty all the urine from the bladder
Unable to feel the urge to urinate
Kidney/bladder infections
Stomach/Intestines Movement of food through the intestine slows down or there is loss of control over bowels After eating:
-Feeling of fullness, Nausea, Vomiting

Diarrhea, constipation, difficulty controlling blood glucose levels
Sexual Function Men: Impotency- difficulty in having or maintaining an erection
Women: Vaginal dryness
Sexual Problems, Impotency
Unaware of Low Blood Glucose No early symptoms of low blood glucose Without early warning signs, may delay treatment and pass out
Feet Increased dryness and cracking of feet Skin breakdown, Infections



Help for managing these problems is available. Ask your health care team for treatment options.




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