Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

Palomar Health is keenly aware of the serious and on-going need for prompt and sensitive care for those who are victims of sexual assault. The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) was established more than fifteen years ago to help children, adolescents, women and men through this crisis and to help law enforcement effectively identify the attackers and hold them responsible in court.

Our SART programs is closely linked with law enforcement and district attorneys, ensuring that those who are traumatized can receive the professional care and counseling they need in a timely and effective manner, and that those who perpetrate the attacks can be held responsible in court.

The existence of our facilities means that victims who often had to wait for hours for medical attention at area emergency rooms following an attack, no longer have to do so. Within an hour of notification, SART staff can be ready to care for sexual assault victims and give them the undivided attention that is so important during this time. 

Our Services

Interview & Exam
Sexual assault victims – male and female - usually arrive at one of the two unmarked treatment facilities – in Poway and Escondido - accompanied by a police officer or sheriff’s deputy. Once there, they undergo a three-hour interview and exam process, conducted by care givers who are specially trained.

Caring Professionals
The facility itself is centered on the victim’s needs, providing state of the art equipment and techniques, absolute privacy, evidence-gathering equipment, and a streamlined interview process by a team of professionals that includes a forensic nurse examiner, a detective and a patient advocate. Patients need tell their experience only once.

Profound Results
Often, the evidence gathered by members of SART is so strong and compelling, that suspects will admit their guilt, sparing victims the necessity of testifying in a public court room.



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