Our Team

Palomar Health Laboratory Functional and Organizational Structure

Jerry Kolins, M.D.,
Medical Director

Lachlan Macleay, M.D.,
Director Anatomic Pathology/Associate Medical Director

Gloria Austria,
District Director, Laboratory, Pulmonary, EEG Services

Tim Barlow,
District Manager, Laboratory Operations and Transfusion Services

Mariel Teng
District Manager, Laboratory Outreach - Patient Experience

Debra Mason,
POCT Coordinator

MaryAnn Snoke, District Supervisor, Phlebotomy

Sandy Lajeunnesse,
District Supervisor, Central Processing

Joane Barriteau,
District Supervisor, General Laboratory

Susan Dewindt,
Microbiology Supervisor

Maria Evelyn Chua,
PM Supervisor
Lori Jadidian,
District Supervisor, Outreach, Customer Service and Courier

Brian Bakerink,
Pathology Assistant Supervisor

Rose Pfliger,
Transcription Supervisor
Pamela Danque, M.D.,

Andrea D'Audria, M.D.,

Bradley Harward, M.D.,
Linda Petroff, M.D.,




Rebecca Andersen,
Night Shift Supervisor



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