Hip Replacement Therapy Plan

Exercise and movement are important aspects of your healing. After your hip replacement surgery, you will participate in daily physical therapy (PT) sessions. 

What to Expect During Physical Therapy after Hip Replacement Surgery

The team of orthopedic experts at Palomar Health of San Diego, have created an intensive therapy program that sets milestones in each patient's post-surgical process. After your surgery, you can expect to meet the following goals during your recovery:


Day One After Surgery

  • Move from lying down to sitting on the edge of the bed with 50% help 
  • Move from sitting on the edge of the bed to standing with 50% help 
  • Walk 50 feet with 50% help 
  • Sit up in the chair 
  • Remember to use “hip safety measures” 

Physical Therapy  on Day of Going Home from Hospital

  • Move from bed to standing with a walker, crutches or a cane, without the help of others 
  • Walk 150 to 300 feet with a walker, crutches or a cane, but without help from others 
  • Climb stairs without help 
  • Eat all your meals sitting up 

Planning to Go Home

Your Orthopedic Care Team will create a customized plan for outpatient or home health physical therapy, if needed.  If you need more nursing and rehabilitation/physical therapy, you can be moved to a health-care facility that will provide those services. We are committed to providing exceptional patient care, and it shows in the outcomes our patients enjoy.
You should feel better each day. It is important for you to focus on doing the activities described above by yourself.