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Preparing for Surgery


Our goal is to improve your quality of life, increase your mobility, and make your care experience as easy as possible. For patients who need surgery, most are leaving our facility sooner than they may have expected. That’s why our team has designed a CarePath that keeps you and the rest of your care team connected and moving towards the same goals.

Steps to a Successful Surgery


Your Best Health Before Surgery

  • Avoid surgery until all other conservative treatments have been exhausted.

  • Minimize health factors that increase your risk for potential problems after surgery

Patient Education

  • Attend a Pre-Operative Class taught by our specialized nurses.

  • Engage with your personalized Online CarePath.

  • A nurse is available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Enhanced Recovery and Pain Control

  • Our mult-modal pain control reduces reliance on opioids. 

  • Anesthesia protocols reduce medication side effects including nausea.

  • Pre-surgery hydration helps you feel better after surgery.

Advanced Surgical Techniques

  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques allow for faster recovery, a shorter hospital stay and fewer complications. 

  • Shorter surgical times reduce blood loss and risk of infection. 

Early Mobilization

  • You’ll often walk the same day as surgery to speed up recovery and improve range of motion.

  • Our physical and occupational therapy team will guide you at every stage, from hospital to home, to one of our outpatient clinics. 

Care Transitions and Hand-Offs

  • Coordinated care is the key to getting you home faster.

  • We work to engage you and your caregivier so you feel supported at home.

  • Home wellness programs, home visits, nurse check-ins, online surveys and follow-up visits are all designed to keep you on track. 


Online CarePath

To prepare for surgery, Palomar Health offers Online CarePath, a custom roadmap to get patients prepared and organized for surgery and recovery. Patients can interact with their care team about their health, from sleeping and eating, to pain control. Palomar Health specialists can reply with recommendations.

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