Igor Sister, MD

Dr. Sister received his education and medical degree from Ryazan State Medical University.  He began his medical practice as an Internist, but a few years later, after relocating to Israel, he became interested in Geriatrics.  Caring for seniors, overseeing their wellbeing and aging process and understanding the challenges of dementia became a special focus and passion for Dr. Sister.
After finishing his residency in Geriatrics and receiving a Master’s Degree in Geriatrics from Sacler Medical School of the Tel Aviv University, Dr. Sister became head of the Geriatric Department and served as a Geriatric Fellowship Director of the Safed Hospital.  After moving to the United States, Dr. Sister continued his training, completing a residency in Internal Medicine and a Fellowship in Geriatrics. While practicing geriatrics he first became aware of the evolving medical specialty of palliative care. 
Combining all his years of medical experience and medical knowledge in helping patients and their families make decisions about what care they want and clarifying what is important to them, palliative care became a natural part of his practice.