Kimberly Letzring, LCSW

In my 24 years of Medical Social Work experience, never have I ever felt as passionate about my role as I do now! Palomar Health gave me a tremendous opportunity when the role of Palliative Care Social Worker was created July 2017. This new assignment inspired me to further my education in completing a Post MSW certification in Palliative Care and most recently, licensure as a clinical social worker. What I love most about Palliative Care is the focus on quality of life! We empower patients to have choice, we aim to alleviate distressing symptoms (whether they be physical, emotional and/or spiritual symptoms), we help clarify the medical condition and we assist in navigating other systems in the community. Most importantly we foster patient autonomy! My hope is after meeting with our team, the patient and/or family recognizes that they are in charge of their medical care and they get to decide on what interventions align with their values and their future.


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