There is a mission hospital in the mountains of a very poor country in South America. The country is largely populated by native Indians who live in small primitive villages and peak no English. Medical is  limited to a few mission hospitals located in various mountain villages.  An international organization reviewing the healthcare of this country’s natives found to their amazement, that the natives would walk for days, often carrying their sick loved ones on their backs to get to one  particular mission hospital located in one of the country’s more inaccessible mountain ranges. Upon  asking why they came to this particular hospital when they could have gone to one much closer to their  village, the natives would answer, “At this hospital the hands are different.”

The study team found that in spite of cultural differences, language barriers, and the great distance over  rough terrain, this particular mission hospital had gained the reputation that above all else they truly cared  for the natives in everything they did. Thus, the native explanation was that, “the hands are different.”  Likewise, we want people to come to Palomar Health because, “the hands are different.” In  achieving this, we will succeed as few others have. We honor with a Caring Hands award those  members of the Palomar  Health whose actions demonstrate they do not so much talk about  caring, but live it by their example.

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