Going Home

Once your doctor decides that you may leave the hospital, he or she will write an order requesting your discharge. Your care team will then prepare you to leave the hospital.

What do I need to know before I leave?

You have been given a “Going Home” folder that will help you prepare to leave the hospital. Make sure to go through the “Departure Checklist” on page 3 with your nurse before you leave the hospital.

What is a discharge plan?

Your discharge plan may include how to take care of bandages, what medications to take, what exercises to do and more. Before you leave, you should know if you will need special care, assistance, equipment or follow-up appointments after leaving. Our goal is to discharge you by 11 a.m. Please ask your nurse for a specific discharge time.

If you have questions about your discharge instructions, please ask your doctor or nurse before you leave the hospital.

How do I get home from the hospital?

Once your doctor has written a discharge order, you need to arrange for transportation home. Talk with your nurse about what time you will be discharged so you can coordinate how to get home or to an off-site care facility. To get home, you can schedule a ride from a loved one, hire a taxi or take public transportation. A member of the hospital staff will take you to the front entrance of the hospital and help you into the vehicle.

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