Your Health Care Team

Your Health Care Team

Your healthcare team is made up of many staff members, all committed to providing you with the highest level of care. A physician will visit you daily to discuss your progress and your treatment plan. Ask him or her if you have any questions about your illness.

Who is taking care of me?

A lot of different people will be involved in your care. All staff members will introduce themselves when they enter your room and tell you about their role in your care.

Staff members will always wear an ID badge with their name and photo for you to see. If an unknown person enters your room without a badge, please let your nurse know right away by pressing the call button on your bedside control panel.

Can someone sit with me while my loved one goes home and rests?

Yes. Palomar Home Care can provide a caregiver who can sit with you while your loved one is not at the hospital. These services are paid privately. If you want more information, please call us at (760) 796-6860.

What is a “Hospitalist?”

You may hear the term “Hospitalist” while you are here. Hospitalists are internal medicine doctors who treat patients in the hospital. If you are assigned a hospitalist, they will work closely with your personal physician to give you with the medical attention you need while you are here.