If You’re In Pain

If You’re In Pain

We want you to be our partner in pain management. When you have pain, it is important that you tell your nurse the type of pain you are feeling, where it is and the pain level so we can create a treatment plan.

Your Pain Level

Everyone feels pain differently. What one person may describe as painful, another person may not. It is important that you become aware of your acceptable level of comfort.

How do I rate my pain?

We use a rating scale from zero to 10 to measure your acceptable level of comfort and gauge your actual pain. Use zero to describe no pain at all and 10 for the worst possible pain. Rating your level of discomfort helps your nurse know how well your treatment is working and whether to make adjustments to your treatment plan. Please know that your acceptable level of comfort changes based upon your situation.

What should I do when I’m in pain?

There is a “Pain” button on your bedside control panel. When you are in pain, press that button. Your nurse will be alerted and he or she will come assist you. Make sure you tell your nurse the type of discomfort you are feeling, its location and the level of discomfort. Your nurse and other members of your health-care team will then work with you to create a treatment plan for your discomfort. If you do not have enough relief, are feeling side effects from medication, or have any questions, please let your nurse know.