Radiation Oncology Services

3-D CRT - Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy

All patients of Palomar Radiation therapy are treated with 3-D CRT, and in some cases are offered a choice between 3-D CRT and IMRT.

How It Works
3-D CRT is an advanced mode of radiation therapy that utilizes x-ray producing linear accelerators to deliver prescribed doses of radiation through beams that are shaped to conform to the shape of the tumor. This is accomplished by using computerized tomography (CT) in the planning process. Multiple transverse CT images are taken and exported to the treatment planning computer where they are reconstructed into a three dimensional replica of the patient.

The radiation oncologist identifies and outlines the tumor and normal structures. Radiation beams are then virtually simulated and a plan of treatment is devised which targets the tumor and attempts to avoid normal structures. Palomar Medical Center was the first hospital in San Diego County to switch from conventional simulation to 3D CT simulation.

Things You Should Know...About 3-D CRT

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