Radiology and Imaging Services

Palomar Health is proud to offer a comprehensive Radiology Department, providing services in Nuclear Medicine, Ultra Sound, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, MRIs and CT Scans. Patients who seek Radiology testing or care at either Palomar Medical Center Escondido or Palomar Medical Center Poway will find:

  • Digital Radiography and Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) - This state of the art technology eliminates use of hard copy X-rays, allowing for much faster image interpretation and more accurate diagnoses, with less chance of error or loss of images.
  • Certified and experienced technologists who are here for the patients we serve.
  • Highly skilled nurses with specialized training, supporting all endeavors within the department.
  • A front-line staff of caring, professional and knowledgeable individuals, prepared to help with paperwork, registration, insurance issues and any other needs that may arise.
  • Supervisors who monitor standards for safety and service in every aspect of care.
  • Transcriptionists who are an integral part of the process, correctly communicating information and test results from the Radiology Department to the ordering or referring physician.

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