Lymphedema Management

Are your legs and feet heavy and swollen to twice their normal size? Are your arms and fingers bloated and achy? These may be signs of Lymphedema – the chronic swelling of a body part due to an impaired lymphatic system.

Sometimes lymph glands may become blocked as a result of:

• Surgical removal of lymph nodes (such as mastectomy or prostate surgery)
• Destruction of extensive lymphatic pathways due to trauma, surgery, or radiation
• Severe obesity or sedentary lifestyle

Lymphedema may cause painful, hardened skin over the swollen area as well as heaviness and limited ability to move the affected body part. Although Lymphedema cannot be cured, it can be significantly reduced and controlled through a formal treatment program provided by a specially trained Occupational Therapist.

Our Lymphedema Management program includes:

• Manual lymphatic drainage
• Compression bandaging
• Exercises to increase lymphatic drainage
• Wound and skin care
• Education about daily living and lifestyle adaptations 

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