How is Chronic Sinusitis Treated?
Sinus Services offers several minimally invasive options, including outpatient surgery, to relieve the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis.

Every Sinus physician has advanced training in minimally invasive techniques like the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure, as well as more complex surgeries that involve the sphenoid and maxillary sinus cavities.  

Balloon Sinuplasty
Balloon Sinuplasty is an FDA-approved minimally invasive procedure that uses a balloon on a wire catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways.  In Balloon Sinuplasty, inflamed sinuses are opened in the same way that doctors open up blocked arteries during balloon angioplasty.  

Step 1: A balloon catheter is inserted into the inflamed sinus.

Step 2: The balloon is inflated to expand the sinus opening


Step 3: Fluid is sprayed into the infected sinus to flush out pus and mucus.

Step 4: The system is removed, leaving the sinus open.

After Balloon Sinuplasty, the sinuses remain open, allowing the return of normal sinus drainage and relief of sinus pressure.  Click to see Balloon Sinuplasty video   

How do I get started?

  • Are you currently experiencing a sinus infection lasting longer than 12 weeks?  
  • Have you been treated with one or more courses of antibiotics within the past year?

If you answered yes to both these questions, it may be time to ask about a referral at (800) 628-2880 .

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