Patient Story

Sleeping Easy Now

Lisa Granath, a 36-year-old mother and primary caretaker of her grandmother, didn’t need the additional burden of sleep apnea to keep her awake at nights. For years, she thought it was the stress of her responsibilities that kept her feeling chronically tired and depressed.

“Then, a friend told me that I snored and actually stopped breathing,” Granath says. “She was worried and suggested that I see my doctor.”

The Palomar Health Sleep Center evaluation confirmed that she has sleep apnea and she was promptly fitted with a CPAP mask.

“The mask is so easy to use, I don’t even notice it,” Granath says. “Within a few days I could tell a real difference because I had energy again and didn’t feel like napping in the day. As a bonus, I have lost more than 35 pounds since I first got the mask in July.”


For more information or to receive a referral to the Palomar Health Sleep Center, call (442) 281-3368 .