Family Waiting Room

  1. Greet patients, family members and others arriving in the family waiting area from the registration office introducing yourself as volunteer (name).
  2. Locate the patient's name on the desk chart, then add the family members first name and contact information to the desk chart. Keep desk chart updated.
  3. Ensure the patient has the registration paperwork and a white wrist band.
  4. Call OP or ENDO and let the nurse know who is waiting. Escort the patient to the appropriate department when directed to do so by the nurse.
  5. Explain to the family members how they can track the progress of the patient through the entire process utilizing the tracking board.
  6. Answer phone calls saying, "Family waiting, this is volunteer (yourname)".
  7. Present a professional attitude at all times. Never talk across the room to patients or family members. Always go up to them and speak softly as they are under a lot of stress.
  1. Possess the maturity and interpersonal skills to cordially interact with patients, staff, volunteers and other customers of Palomar Medical Center.
  2. Excellent communication skills for customer service and phone answering.
  3. Be able to sit for moderate periods as well as walk the hallways and lobby areas without difficulty.
  4. Volunteers must be flexible and possess problem-solving skills as well as be able to handle stressful situations.
  5. Volunteers must maintain patient confidentiality at all times.


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