Junior Volunteers

Palomar Health is pleased to offer volunteering opportunities to qualified youth in our district.

  • Eligibility Age: 16 and 17 years of age
  • Commit to two 4-hour shifts per month
  • Commit to 100 hours of volunteer service
  • Attend a Group Interview *
  • Attend an Orientation Session *
  • Attend Assignment Training
  • Commit to an initial and annual Tuberculosis (TB) screening *
* Parent/Guardian must also be present at these times  
The Junior Volunteers will be assigned to Community Service tasks:  
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How long before the volunteer can start?
    The volunteer onboarding process takes about four weeks.
  • Must a parent/guardian be present for all those things?
    Yes. We have determined that these are discussions with the volunteer candidate that involve commitments or hospital procedures and feel that an adult should be present as a witness and for their own awareness.
  • Why is there a fee to volunteer?
    The processing fee partially covers the cost of the TB screen and background check.

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