Breast Health Nurse Navigator

The nurse navigator helps the patient move smoothly through the system, ensuring that she receives the gold standard of care delivered efficiently and in an effective manner. Nurse navigators promote and demonstrate patient-centered care.

Patient education is a key role and responsibility of the nurse navigator. Education is critical because it is the primary way that patients participate confidently in the decisions about their treatment options.

The nurse navigator creates a timeline so the patient can see where she is today and what lies ahead of her. The nurse navigator serves as the patient’s touchstone across the continuum of care. The nurse navigator will continually follow up with the patient to address questions and ensure the patient understands her role in complying with the next phase of treatment.

This includes empowering patients with information so that they can actively and confidently participate in the decision-making process of their care—providing resources to overcome barriers and facilitating the coordination of care. The nurse navigator is an important part of the healthcare team as she helps patients understand the plan of care and transition through the cancer continuum.

Benefits of using a nurse navigator include:

  • A timelier diagnosis
  • Timelier treatment after diagnosis
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • More patients receiving appropriate
  • Treatment in keeping with national
  • Treatment guidelines

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Palomar Health’s nurse navigator Jyl Delarosa, RN, MSN, Breast Care Nurse Navigator at (858) 613-6115 or

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