Limb Preservation

The Palomar Health Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Centers specialize in limb preservation for patients who are at risk. Amputation may resolve the issues of unhealing wounds and infection on one limb; however, those patients may still face another amputation. As a matter of fact, nearly half will develop ulcers and infections in the remaining foot, resulting in another amputation. Thus, it is imperative to address the underlying cause of ulcers as quickly as possible. This will save the patient valuable time needed to save a limb that may be deteriorating rapidly. Our Centers use a multidisciplinary approach to treat wounds with arterial and venous disease as well as diabetic foot problems.

The Palomar Health Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Centers treat acute and chronic wounds that have not responded to conventional care. Our Wound Healing Centers offer a wide selection of wound care treatments and a team of specialists to provide comprehensive wound care. We provide treatment plans geared toward limb preservation to avoid amputation.

A diabetic foot ulcer can quickly become a limb preservation case, so it is imperative to seek treatment as early as possible. For treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer or trauma to a limb, please contact the Palomar Health Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Centers.  


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