When Someone’s Been Hurt

If someone’s been hurt in an accident and is unconscious, don’t try to move the person – he or she may have a neck or spine injury. Call 911 or get help first (or have someone else get help while you take care of the injured person). IF the person is bleeding, put pressure on the wound with a cloth or piece of clothing to slow the blood flow. Don’t try to clean the wound, though, because it may do more damage. Wait with the person until help arrives.

Don’t rush to help someone if the area isn’t safe – if the victim is in the middle of a road, for example, or if you have to put yourself in danger to get to him or her. Make sure it’s safe before you try to get to the person to help.

If a person who’s been injured is conscious, he or she may still be at risk of internal injury or concussion. In some accidents, people seem fine at first but actually have internal injuries. So it’s a good idea to call 911 or take the person to the emergency department to get checked out. If someone is disoriented, feels sick, or has a headache, he or she may have a concussion or other head injury.


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