Myomo Technology for Persons with Neurological Injuries

Palomar Health is the first health system on the West Coast using a neuro-robotic arm brace that helps patients regain the functional use of their arms after stroke or other neurological injury. Under the supervision of a licensed therapist, the MYOMO Mobility System takes the patient’s brain signal and turns it into motion, enabling stroke survivors to use their arms for routine, daily tasks that were not possible before.

MYOMO combines advanced technology in both robotics and neuroscience. It is the first wearable robotic device to help neurologically impaired people increase movement in weak arms using their own muscle signals. The system consists of a portable elbow brace made of a lightweight metal alloy, and includes robotics processing software, surface sensors for biceps and triceps, and a lightweight battery unit. The MYOMO Mobility System uses a feedback-based system which enables the patient to re-learn how to move and control the affected muscles. Quality of life is improved as the patient learns to perform daily tasks such as pushing to stand, eating a piece of fruit, reaching for a light switch, or lifting a box.

MYOMO has been used as a therapeutic device in rehabilitation clinics and hospitals since 2007. It is most clinically effective when used as soon as possible following a stroke. At Palomar Health, physical and occupational therapists have been trained and certified to use the MYOMO Mobility System on our patients.

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