Internship Admissions

Internship Admissions


The 2023 C Application Cycle for the Pathmaker

Internship is CLOSED

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all application and onboarding deadlines are subject to change based on federal, state, and local COVID-19 regulations and guidance. We will post updated information on this webpage if any changes must be made during 2023 C application cycle. Thank you for your flexibility during these evolving times.

Admissions Eligibility Criteria:

You must meet the following minimum requirements to participate as an intern:
  • Must be at least 18 years old before starting the application process (16 for Level I High School Internship)
  • 15 months of availability to participate in an on-site, hands-on internship
  • Valid Social Security Number & can pass background check
  • Speak and read English fluently
  • Daily access to email
  • Reliable transportation to and from Escondido and Poway
  • One-time, non-refundable $150 onboarding fee (upon acceptance)

Interview/Onboarding Timeline for 2023 C:

Before applying, here are the important dates for which you should be available. If you know you will be unavailable for these dates (out of town, in school, etc.), it is recommended that you delay applying until you are able to make the required dates.

The following dates listed below are subject to change based on federal, state, and local guidelines for public gatherings.


  • Application Opens: April 1st, 2023
  • Virtual Interviews Occur: May 2023
  • Acceptance Notifications Sent By: Saturday, June 3rd, 2023
  • Orientation Events (*In-person): July 2023*
  • Skills Days (*In-person): July 2023*
  • Department Specific Orientation & Training: August 2023*
  • 2023 C Rotation: September 1st, 2023 through November 30th, 2023


*Onboarding dates for in-person events may not be confirmed until two weeks prior. Please plan to be available for the months of July and August to attend these in-person events.

2023 C Application Process:

Interested in applying? Here’s what you’ll need to do to be prepared.

1. Determine appropriate program

  • Check the admissions eligibility criteria at the top of the page.


2. Prepare applications components

  • Identify two (2) professional/academic references. They will each be sent a 5-10 minute electronic recommendation survey during the application window.
  • Gather a personal information for application (school, GPA, career goal) and prepare to answer one (1) short answer and one (1) long essay.

Availability for the First Rotation:

As a new intern, you will be expected to serve one 4-hour shift per week for the course of your first rotation without a gap between shifts of more than 14 days. This means that for 2023 C, you should anticipate applying only if you plan to be available during the onboarding timeline above, and on a weekly basis from September 1st, 2023 through November 30th, 2023.

Important Information for Applicants

  • Interns are accepted and on-boarded every three months, with start dates of March 1st, June 1st, September 1st  and December 1st. Please note that interviews scheduled to take place around those times will be for the NEXT cycle (e.g. if you interview in August/September, you will be starting December 1st).
  • For any additional information, please contact us at

Important Information for Applicants

Application Cycle Application Opens Interviews Onboarding Process Official Start Date
A October 1st Mid November –
Early December
January – February March 1st
B January 1st Mid February – Early March April – May June 1st
C April 1st Mid May –
Early June
July – August September 1st
D July 1st Mid August –
Early September
October – November December 1st